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Learning is not just school - learning about your prospective employer can help you plan a career, prepare for an interview and so on. Learning from others' success can save you time and inspire you in your own planning...

Find out about your prospective employer, what's out there, other people's experiences (failures and successes). Read stories about people working in the field, and about other's success stories (what they did and didn't do that helped them to succeed). Search for job options, what's hot and what's not. Also, read about local employers as interviewed by the youth hosts.

Local Employer Spotlight
Read these interviews of local employers who support youth through summer jobs, co-op experiences, international exchanges, apprenticeships and training. Each employer is interviewed by one of our youth hosts on the site.

Youth Stories
Read some success stories from other youth that have already gone through what you are. Job hunting, interviews, co-op and volunteer experiences and more.

Career Snapshots
Get inside the day to day life of a huge variety of careers. Browse through hot jobs or search by industry. Real stories of people working in the field.