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YMCA Employment Resource Centre

We interviewed Anne Lorriman from the YMCA Employment Resource Centre. It is located at:

845 King Street, Midland

During the school years, Tuesdays and Saturdays have extended hours for students to come in after school and on the weekends. All the services are free, including cover letters creation, printing, photocopying and faxing.

She has been in YMCA employment services for 12 years

The self help area has many resources including:

  • Books
  • Handouts (ex resume/coverletter)
  • Computer access
  • Interview preparation
  • Referrals
  • Seminars
  • Job search tips
  • Links
  • Lots of staff so you can work with who you’re comfortable with
  • Assessments (strengths/skills)

The YMCA started offering these opportunities to youth because of general demand from both parents and students. In addition to resources, they provide a lot of free advice. Some tips include:

  • Revise resume (depending on the company)
  • Research company etc before interview
  • Professional resume and cover letter
  • Practice interview questions
  • Make sure you have a SIC (Social Insurance Card)
  • Prepare
  • Check out place beforehand
  • Answer clearly
  • Send a written "Thank you" note
  • Resumes in French and English would be impressive
  • Know employment standards (Employment Act)

The YMCA ERC also has information on events in the area:

  • Career week – more for adults
  • Job fair – employers taking resumes
  • Small business week 19th and 21st
  • Preparation seminars (week before) – ‘game plan’

Anne says that her biggest challenge is getting people to come into the centre. Her favourite part of the job is "When they come with nothing, leave with a resume and come back and say they got a job."

" Sometimes it’s more fun to work with a student actually because they have so much energy."

" Our doors are always open, please come in, use our services."

-Kristy and Tim