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We (Erin and Kristy) went to Queen’s University for a week during May. At first, we were both a bit nervous about going to a university with university professors and university students, but upon our arrival we discovered that it really wasn’t as scary as we initially thought.

Throughout the week we attended our respective classes and ate our meals in the cafeterias, we met lots of new people and after classes we participated in several activities such as movies, a much dance and shopping. There were many other activities, some of which we also participated in. A few of these activities were Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Stargazing and Hemp Bracelet-making.

The courses were very interesting and informative. The creative writing course that Kristy took was inspirational in that it went over the process of getting something published and encouraged everyone to continue writing as much as possible. Erin also enjoyed her course, Aquatic Biology. She got to go on field trips and take samples of lake water from diverse areas, which she then got to examine under a microscope and record her findings.

As the week progressed, we quickly learned the basic layout of the campus and were able to make it all the way to the library without getting lost at all. The library was pretty much the main attraction and both of us were in awe of its vast collection of books.

We highly recommend this experience to anyone, particularly those who plan on going to university or pursuing some other sort of post-secondary education.